Sunday, March 25, 2012

spring break

The break has come and gone too quickly. Though I am thankful to have a break at all - during the last 2 years working full time jobs, spring break does not exist. Honestly, sometimes I'd rather be working again instead of in school again. Isn't 18 years of schooling enough!? Things in this country seem to be changing to the format of college as the 2nd high school. Very strange. Now you have to get a master's degree or doctorate to make yourself more knowledgable and marketable. I also feel like a decent amount of what i'm learning in graduate school should have been covered (or at least touched upon) in my undergraduate work, but was not. Why? I think it is so standard now for many to attend college after high school that the rigor of standard college programs is diminishing. Colleges are focusing on income rather than education.  For example, in not even one year of grad school I have already read more related books/articles and done more homework/projects than I did in four years of undergrad work in the same field. I have vowed to myself that if... no, WHEN I secure a position teaching in higher education, I will seek to have my students learn and grow in a more rigorous manner. I do not mean to imply that reading more books automatically means you are learning more, but it does open up more topics for discussion and ways of understanding.

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