Friday, August 26, 2011

goodbye adulthood, hello school (again)

Texas is ok so far. At least the part I live in has lots of fun stuff.
My brother-in-law is visiting this weekend, and next weekend my parents are visiting! Austin and I used to go back to Ponca City fairly often, so it is weird that we may not go back until Thanksgiving and then Christmas. But we've always been lucky to live so close (it used to be only 1 1/2 hours away)... lots of families live far away. And if we'd have gone to New York like we had the opportunity to do, I think it was going to be 21 or 22 hours away... that makes 5 hours not seem so bad!

This is my last weekend before grad school begins- I am ready.
Tuesday we had an MFA meeting and Wednesday was a placement class. I got to move up to the most advanced classes for ballet and modern so that was exciting! And I have a job interview Tuesday... wish me luck that I will not only do well in my interview, but that my schedule will work out with what they need!

So nearly everything is unpacked and in its 'place' (for now). I realized as I've been placing things and trying to decorate (I say 'trying' because I don't consider myself a great decorator) I realized I think my personal decorating style is worldly/vintage looking/eclectic. Any one have any tips for making this work without looking like random crap and trinkets laying around? :) I like keeping little momentums and things from travels and special occasions, but it is hard for me to arrange them pleasingly, at least without buying a bunch of new furniture and shelves and painting every room, etc...

I think lots of the things I like about the following are their colors, walls, floors, furniture, decor and general design of the room. So everything? I guess these people just start from scratch when they move into a new place!?!?

This is the style I think mine would like to be:
Anyway... what's your style? Or what do you think it is anyway?
(I've realized I like lots of styles, just don't think they'd all work for me.)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

love, grandma

As I've been unpacking I find fun things here and there to enjoy.
I ran across a book my great-grandma, Florence Rice, gave me in 1999.
It has lots of nice quotes and advice for motivation and peace, but in the back is space to fill in, and grandma wrote some of her own advice and memories in there for me to have.
I thought I'd share some of what she wrote:

"For all those born before 1945.
We are survivors!!!
Consider the changes we have witnessed:"
"We were born before television, before penicillin, before polio shots, frozen food, xerox, plastic contact lenses, and frisbee. We were born before radar, credit cards, split atoms, laser beams and ball point pens, before panty hose, dishwashers, clothes dryers, electric blankets, air conditioners, drip dry cloths, and before man walked on the moon. We got married first, then lived together. Bunnies were small rabbits, and rabbits were not volkswagens. We thought fast food was what you ate during Lent, outer space was the back of the theatre. We were before house husbands, gay rights, computer dating, dual careers, and computer marriages. We were before day care centers, group therapy, and nursing homes. We never heard of FM radio, tape decks, electric type writers, artificial hearts, word processors, yogurt, and guys wearing earrings. In 1940 'made in Japan' was junk. Pizzas, McDonald's, and instant coffee were unheard of. We hit the scene when there were 5 and 10 cent stores, where you bought things for 5 and 10 cents. Ice cream cones were a nickel, for one nickel you could buy a pepsi, could ride on a street car, make a phone call, or enough stamps to mail a letter and two post cards. You could buy a new Chevy Coupe for $600. But who could afford one? A pity too, because gas was 11 cents a gallon. In our day cigarette smoking was fashionable, grass was mowed, coke was a cold drink, and pot was something you cooked in. Rock music was grandma's lullaby, and aids were helpers in the principle's office.
No wonder there is such a generation gap today.
But we survived!!!
What better reason to celebrate?"
I thought it was pretty cool. She was born in 1906 and I remember her telling me about hearing when the Titanic sank. She would also tell me about riding a horse to school and having class in a one-room school house. Grandma was awesome at making things, like dolls, blankets, quilts, hats, and popcorn (no one has been able to reproduce her delicious popcorn...). I feel lucky that she taught me to crochet. She gave me a blanket she started for me to finish along with some extra yarn. It is neat to have that passed down so many generations. The whole thing made me think a lot about how plugged-in we are these days. We don't make things from scratch anymore, like blankets, dolls, clothes, etc. We have a machine to do everything for us! And many times I think technology has become more of a hinderance than a help (I say this as I'm sitting in front of my computer blogging on the internet...).

Just some thoughts on how things are evolving...

Saturday, August 20, 2011

tax free weekend

Yes, it is tax-free weekend here in Texas. I could go to Anthropologie and a bunch of other shops in that mall, but I really only need pants. If I go I know I may end up spending money on something I don't need. So I'm not going! I don't need pants now anyway, just for the fall. Plus there are probably crowds and crowds since it is tax free...

Instead I'm going to try to finish all of the unpacking (I used a couple hours yesterday to make a peach pie instead of work on the house...!). Not the decorating, just the unpacking. I think I'll have to have everything unpacked and in it's place before I know where I want to put decorative things. We already put up our big living room wall clock and I'm already regretting where we put it. Oh well, thats not too big of a deal I suppose!

Side note: I started reading this book yesterday for one of my fall classes. It is awesome so far!
And don't you just love this photo of her for a Gap ad a while back?
I hope I am that mobile and dance-able when I get older!
In the meantime, check out some of these neat etsy finds I found while wasting time on the internet rather than unpacking boxes:
And don't worry, once this place gets into shape I'll post some pics!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

I need a haircut

I totally wish I had the guts to do this:
But I don't have long hair anymore *tear* so it would look strange.
Plus I don't have the guts anyway...

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Well friends, I'm going to rant for a minute.

Austin has been applying for teaching jobs in Texas since he graduated, but there are simply so many arbitrary rules and regulations for out-of-staters I guess they only want to hire Texans.

First of all, he had to apply to get his Oklahoma license to transfer to a 1-year temporary Texas license (even though he has a standard certificate in OK, evidently its not good enough to have a standard certificate in TX). Then he'll have to meet guidelines to be issued a TX standard certificate. Then he was informed that even though he is qualified to teach business and technology in OK, in TX the license will only allow him to apply for business jobs. He'll have to take another test to be able to teach technology courses. In addition to the professional teaching test he'll already have to take to get a standard TX license (once again, even though he already has a standard OK license allowing him to teach business and technology...). Does this make sense? Not to Austin or myself.

I really just don't understand why people can't use common sense and judgement anymore. Everything seems to be determined by whether you have this piece of paper or that piece of paper. And in my opinion, a piece of paper most certainly does not mean you are the best fit for the job. Wouldn't it make sense if people just MET with other people, face to face, and interviewed to see who would be the best candidate? Evidently that is a ridiculous notion. I think the whole education system in this nation has many problems, and this is only one of them. Did I mention he is not being considered for numerous jobs because he doesn't have coaching experience? This is where our priorities are I suppose...

Anyway, I had to get that out. This whole thing is absurd and nonsensical. I hope it changes someday or else I'm not sure if our education system is ever going to improve.

Monday, August 15, 2011

wedding wishing

I have been applying for different kinds of jobs here in Texas. The only problem I've run into is that people need full-time and not part-time, but with my school schedule I can only fit in a part-time job. It is a bit frustrating but I hope something will come along soon! I'm teaching a dance class tonight (but I can't regularly teach it due to my class schedule), I have an interview, and I sent my resume to several wedding planners because I received my IWPP certification in the mail a week ago! Wish me luck! In the mean time, here are some lovely wedding things I've been oogling over:

An old high school friend's lovely wedding.
The above 4 photos by Josh McCullock Photography.
Cake by Pat Smith (Oklahoma).

BHLDN mix and match.

Oh, and yesterday we found the nearest Anthropologie- only 30 minutes from my house... dangerously close...

Saturday, August 13, 2011

howdy ya'll

Sorry I've been MIA for a while... I was busy packing and moving to Texas!
We just arrived Wednesday and have been trying to get somewhat settled since then. The place is still a total mess (that is why I do not have pictures for you yet) but I thought I needed to catch up on blogging :)

Had my last performance with Perpetual Motion :(
Austin started his transfer job in Lewisville with FedEx Office.
We discovered a delicious ice cream joint in Denton.
I ordered books and introduced myself to an online board for grad school.
We've made numerous trips to Wal-Mart, Target, and Home Depot.
And we had lots of help from my mom, Aust's mom, and Aust's brother.

Now if I could just find some doorknobs like this

that would be spectacular.

But maybe I should worry about unpacking boxes first :)

Come visit if you are ever in the DFW area! And let me know if you know of any good food or shopping joints in the area. I'm already missing things about OKC. And it feels so weird to know I'm 4 1/2 hours from our families (even though that is a lot closer than if we had moved to New York)!

Monday, August 1, 2011

happy august

summer is flying by - I move to texas and start grad school this month!
It is also national picnic month and national peach month ... I think that calls for a peach pie taken on a picnic sometime ... after we move!
packing is getting old and only about half of the house (maybe) is packed. why do we have so much crap? we are really going through stuff and putting it in the 'garage sale' pile if we haven't used it since we've lived here...

one thing I am REALLY looking forward to in our new place is the community pool!! I think I'm going swimming the day after we move :)
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