Saturday, December 31, 2011

happy holidays

I had a wonderful Christmas with my family and my husband's family in Oklahoma. I got to hang out for a whopping 5 days, then my parents stayed with us for 2 days. Now my bro-in-law is here for New Years. Fun fun!

I love the holiday season and all of the warm-fuzzies it brings... but I do think I want to keep my kids from thinking Christmas means getting all the presents you could ever want (when we do eventually have kiddos). I'm not gonna lie, I love my new martha stewart stainless steel mixing bowls with non-skid bottoms, pouring spouts, and measurements inside... but it shouldn't be about the gifts! I really enjoyed visiting with all of my close fam and extended fam, partaking in traditions, baking and eating, playing racquetball, watching movies, and sleeping in :) I also discovered I LOVE the tv show Destination Truth. I may have already watched the entire 1st season...

Enjoying the cozy fireplace.
Ponce loves grandpa Stan.
Christmas Eve after dinner:
Austin, Ponce, myself, my dad, my bro Aaron, Pete, his wife Katie, and my mom.
Ponce got a new reindeer toy from aunt Maggie & uncle Larry.
Nice day outside.
Christmas day lunch at my mother-in-law's:
Austin, bro-in-law Alex, mom-in-law Terri, practically family Gary.

Happy New Year's Eve!


  1. glad you guys had a great trip! can't wait to see you again! p.s. i love terri's oven!!!

  2. It was a fun time! Too bad it's over...


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