Saturday, November 12, 2011

happy weekend

Yay for fun weekends! Austin and I got to hang out with our friends Ali, Colter, Will & Elizabeth last night. (Happy birthday to Ali!) Today we went to the King's home for lunch. Erin made a delicious meal of quiche, tomato soup, and french bread, and I brought pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. We had a nice time and got to see Amos crawl! Now I am blogging before a crazy performance week ensues...

I love the clothing on Gorman. I thought it was odd they had new summerish looking items and swimsuits... but it is based in Australia... no wonder!
I also really like this 2012 calendar by dekanimal on Etsy:
I usually make a calendar with iPhoto, but I'll probably buy a second one for reference in the office. We'll see... we really only need one, huh?


  1. we had fun with you guys today! and thanks for the cookies- they were delicious! i'm embarrassed to say they're almost gone ; ) i love that swimsuit. can't wait for two-piece days...someday...merde on your performances! hope i get to see one before too long!

  2. That looks a lot like your current office calendar!


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