Saturday, August 20, 2011

tax free weekend

Yes, it is tax-free weekend here in Texas. I could go to Anthropologie and a bunch of other shops in that mall, but I really only need pants. If I go I know I may end up spending money on something I don't need. So I'm not going! I don't need pants now anyway, just for the fall. Plus there are probably crowds and crowds since it is tax free...

Instead I'm going to try to finish all of the unpacking (I used a couple hours yesterday to make a peach pie instead of work on the house...!). Not the decorating, just the unpacking. I think I'll have to have everything unpacked and in it's place before I know where I want to put decorative things. We already put up our big living room wall clock and I'm already regretting where we put it. Oh well, thats not too big of a deal I suppose!

Side note: I started reading this book yesterday for one of my fall classes. It is awesome so far!
And don't you just love this photo of her for a Gap ad a while back?
I hope I am that mobile and dance-able when I get older!
In the meantime, check out some of these neat etsy finds I found while wasting time on the internet rather than unpacking boxes:
And don't worry, once this place gets into shape I'll post some pics!

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