Thursday, June 30, 2011


As you can see I have been busy and stressed lately ...
only 4 blog posts this month ...
and I've balled two times just this week ...

So yes, with that title you may think I was going to post about something happy and carefree and aesthetically pleasing... but think again. Head on over to THIS link and read the whole thing. It is very true - too true - sadly true.

Lately with all that has been on my mind
(relocating, going back to school, finding jobs...)
I've had to make peace with the fact that nothing is ever perfect and it never will be, no matter how much I want it to be perfect, I try to make it perfect, or I pretend that its perfect.

Luckily, my obsession with perfection hasn't led to any horrible things, as mentioned in the article, but sometimes the way this world works makes me so sad. It is terrible that people feel like they need to be some arbitrary 'perfect' in another's eyes.

So I'm going to try to stop reaching for arbitrary goals and traits that may be deemed socially commendable by many, but that do not make me happy (or that actually make me unhappy).

For me right now, this means:

exercise because I want to be healthy and feel good,
not because I want to look "good" in a skimpy dance costume.

find a place to live that is functional and suitable,
not the largest or most boastful we can possibly afford.

eat a cupcake (or two) if I want one... even in front of dancers,
not pretending I am a nutrition queen.

setting goals that are attainable and will make me & my family happy,
not goals that aim to impress our friends, family, or society.

I hope the article got you to think a little.
I am excited for the changes that await myself, my husband, and our pets. Hopefully I can keep these things in mind as we find a new place to call home, new friends, new jobs, and I start dancing every day again (!!!) ...

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  1. I am stressed but excited too :)

  2. Great article! We should all keep that in mind.

  3. love you leslie-that was a really good article. i agree, all the pressures we put on ourselves (or society puts on us) can make us so miserable. i love your goals. i'm glad to have a real friend like you!


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