Thursday, April 21, 2011


Lately I've had a LOT of energy. It has been wonderful! I think I'm getting excited because in about a month or so my schedule will let up quite a bit- dance studio recitals over, perpetual motion concert nearly over, and vacation time! And Austin found a summer job to work until we move to TX (so that is a big stress relief).

Anyway, I've been SUPER productive- its crazy! All the laundry is clean (ok, except what we wore from yesterday evening to today), dishes are done, I've been taking Ponce on daily walks (even on my 12-hour work days), I've had energy at evening rehearsals and I've been on a baking rampage!

For today's work potluck I made chocolate chip bars. Mmmm.
variation: add smooth peanut butter to the batter, use mini chocolate chips
Luckily along with all of this baking I've been doing lots of dancing. I've mentioned this company before because a guy I danced with in college is in it... I still want to see a performance some day, I've only seen rehearsal video! Are these photos not amazing!?
(Dillon that I danced with is the blonde on the left!)
01. Big Oven 02-03. by Satoshi


  1. mmm...peanut butter chocolate chip bars!!? sounds like my favorite : ) i love those pictures--so proud of dillon! i'm glad you've had so much energy with all you have going on! maybe you can give me some ; )

  2. those photos are amazing! I would love to go and watch a ballet show xo

  3. Love chocolate chips fav dessert bar EVER!!! :)

    xx Cat brideblu


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