Wednesday, March 16, 2011

from coast to coast...

Here is a photo tour of my wonderful trip to Fresno, California and Brockport, New York...

Our company after watching another modern dance company perform:
Tech rehearsal for the bungee piece:
One of my favorite pro pics of "the fives":
One of my fave pro pics of the fresno dance collective (aka 'noco'):
Aust sent me pics of my furry babies I was missing:
We stumbled upon an Anthropologie in Fresno (we truly did- I didn't know there was one in the town until we were driving beside it):
On the plane ride from Fresno to LA:
The little town of Brockport, NY:
On our way to the Falls :) My first time in Canada:
We crossed Rainbow Bridge to this beautiful sight:
It was freezing... and wet...and gorgeous:
All in all, I visited many new towns, met many new people, had some great experiences, and now I'm glad to be back home. And I'm extra glad all of my stressful auditions are finished!

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  1. Those are some great pictures! I am so jealous of your great trip!


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