Thursday, February 3, 2011

snow day #3: what I love about my home

Wow, 3 days off of work in a row!? Awesome! I've been on a roll getting stuff done... sleeping, blogging, things I've been wanting to get done for months but hadn't had time... !

Here are some lovely pics of our 3rd snow day (oh how I wish there was a 4th, but sadly I must return to work tomorrow...)
(Yes, Ponce is sharing Aust's vest with him...)
And now (drumroll, please...) for a special blog post:
what I love about my home
(prepare for lots and lots of photos...)

I love that so many of our things come from friends and relatives: my grandma's globe and vase, Aust's aunt's banquet, my grandparents candy dishes, plus our wedding sand/candles/dish/signed photo, and the curtains I made!
I love our cookbook collection... most of mine are about baking... but I like to try to cook other things (they just don't turn out as well as my baked goods!) My faves are probably the Martha Stewart baking handbook or the chocolate chip cookbook. And we can't leave out the glorious Recipe Club binder!
I do love my apron collection that compliments the baking... polka dots from my mother-in-law, paisley from my bro and sis-in-law, checkered from a recipe club friend, nautical from Recipe Club, and I bought the seahorse one :)
I love the curtains I made for 3 of our windows... this one especially :) And I love that our cats sit here to watch outside. We meant to use this as prep space... not so much when you find cat fur all over it!
I hated it when we first got our fridge and the front wasn't magnetic. But now I love that the front is sleek and I can post things on the sides... like dancers, or seahorses, or love notes, or conversion charts...
Or postcards, or family pictures, or to-do lists, or pictures from students...
I also didn't like this open cabinet when we moved in. But now I love it! I tried to put all of my sleek, special dishes in here... I used to forget to use them but now I don't when they're staring me in the face!
I love having my grandparent's piano. Its so nice to be able to play! I remember when they had it at their old home in Coffeyville :) I also love having a stack of important books and a delicious-smelling scentsy on top...
This is our travel box. We put all of our loose change in it nearly every day (or when I find Aust left some sitting around I throw it in here)... after several months I count it down and we've got $40 towards our next trip! It also contains flags and names of all the countries we'd like to visit.
I love my seahorse hooks I got for $5 from Anthro... if you are super patient and no one else likes it then it will get cheaper :) We keep our keys and cute package ties on it.
Just ask anyone who knows me really well and they will tell you I'm a bit ridiculous when it comes to magazines. I love surfing the web, but after a while it hurts my eyeballs. Paper form is good. Though it does make me feel bad about all of the trees. I recycle. But maybe I should reduce to only 2 or 3 favorite subscriptions!? What should I choose? (Don't worry, not all of those magazines are separate subscriptions!)
I love our where-we've-been map. It's HUGE which is cool, and we have it color coded. Purple: Austin, green: Leslie, clear: we've been there together!
I love this glasswork we got on our honeymoon. It was seriously only like $6 and I think it is absolutely gorgeous with a candle lit behind it. I really like tree stuff. Check out this...
I really enjoy this nook. It would be nice to put a tiny reading lamp here, but there isn't an outlet. It works for a cat perch, candle post, or a place for Aust to sit and talk to me while I'm in the shower.
Sometimes its good to not have curtains. I almost made some for all the windows, but I love natural lighting. I love if there is enough sunlight/snowlight that I don't have to turn on any lights!
I enjoy the ballet-theme I started with this room. I don't know if I'll do a lot more since we may move in less than a year... but I do need to buy/make/find a frame for that poster...
I love that Zoe loves to sleep on our pillows (even at night) :) She only likes the satin ones, though... miss fancy pants! I also love this journal collection. I've got every single day recorded since October 30, 1998...!
I know this is odd, but I love that there is pet hair on everything. All the time. No matter what. The day after we vacuum... pet hair. Everywhere. I've gotten used to it. I know they're well fed when they get so fluffy they shed a pound of hair per day.
I love collecting small things from our travels. OJ can from France, cowbell bank from Switzerland... it holds all of our extra foreign coins/cash!
Along with that note... I love Aust's elephant collection. He started it but now I notice elephants where ever we are. Each one is from a unique place: Santorini, Mexico, India...
The elephant collection continues...
And I do love my seahorses. I don't know how it got started. They're just so stinkin' interesting! Did you know the males carry the babies? And many species are monogamous!?
My mom & dad gave us this for our 2nd wedding anniversary: a Galilean thermometer! It rarely changes since we keep our house so cold... but its cool to watch when it does change :)
I love our calendars... a family calendar... a honeymoon calendar... and this monthly postcard calendar (they tear off and you can send the pictures!). Each month just passes infinitely too quickly...

What do you love about your home?


  1. These are some really great pictures! It will be nice to have these to remember this place when we move. The only thing you left out was our glorious electronics cabinet, haha!

    This was really a good post though! I am so sad you have to go back to work tomorrow… But we will enjoy the evening together!

  2. love all the personal touches in your home : ) you are a great homemaker! it's beautiful.


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