Monday, February 28, 2011

anthro picks-of-the-day

Monday came fast! I've been getting stuff done so I'm having fun now.
Went to works.
Did more laundry.
Paid bills.
Had lunch.
Checked email.
Packed for CA/NY (took a while!)

Now I'm off soon to go teach more and have our last perpetual motion rehearsal before going to California on Wednesday... yay! After that I'm flying straight to Rochester for my last grad school audition. Wish me luck, please! (can't wait for it to be over...)

Anthro picks of today (actually of last night...)
I'm terribly sad because the dress is sold out. Maybe they have it on sale in stores? Oh well, don't really have the money after all of these travels so thats probably a good thing...

Sunday, February 27, 2011

happy sunday

It has been a decent sunday.
Took perpetual motion company class from a great guest artist.
Played in the backyard with Ponce.
Applied for every TWU scholarship I could find as well as financial aid.
Organized my itinerary for the upcoming CA/NY trip.
Did laundry.
Cooked meatless burgers and purple potato fries for dinner.
Now I'm going to watch the Oscars!

Here are some of my latest favorite etsy finds:
And I've decided when Aust & I move, I'm going to put more thought into my wall decor/artwork/pictures... maybe like this:
Oh- and do you like my new fonts?

Saturday, February 26, 2011

the weekend is here

Maybe I'll find time to make these super-cool paper flowers?! My cats eat any real flowers we bring in the house...

Today started with a trip to the vet with Zoe. Poor girl has a bad allergy to something that we can't figure out. She has literally chewed the hair off of 3 spots on her belly :( She should be better soon! She wasn't too happy about getting a shot, but maybe a hat would cheer her up!?
Then we got groceries. I realized that a dream of mine is to someday be able to visit the grocery store and not tally in my head how much I'm up to, or put down a yummier-looking version of something because it is 10 cents more than the not-as-yummy-looking version. I splurged on this delicious yogurt:
Then we were off to the barking dog bakery! I drive by it often because it is across from a dance studio I teach at. Ponce enjoyed the visit- he got some treats!

This evening Austin and I have plans to hang out with my brother & his wife. We're eating at Zorba's. Can't wait for some delicious lentil stew. Maybe I should make some dessert for us when we come back to play games? This looks tasty...
I've also been checking anthro's website daily. I'm waiting for my favorite towels to go on sale. Please! I'm saving up but I can't bring myself to pay full price...
And now, I'm going to enjoy a relaxing weekend. I'm not going to stress about things, even though there are plenty of opportunities for that. I'm going to enjoy my free time (ok, I suppose I should apply for those scholarships soon... tomorrow...)

Monday, February 21, 2011

new things

Update on the new years resolutions...

It was difficult to eat healthy last week since it was teacher appreciation week at work... they brought in breakfast and lunch for us everyday, then my class had a valentine's day party on friday :) Fun, fun!

We have tried these 2 new veggies in the past 2 weeks:

green baby squash
on a scale from 1 to 10 (10 the tastiest) I'd give it a 7. It wasn't bad at all, just kind of neutral, but the nice texture and size bumped it up on the scale :) Austin used it in a vegetable soup we had. Mmm...
white asparagus
on the same scale from 1 to 10 I'd give it a 2. It was gross. Maybe it was a bad batch or the 2 things we cooked it in were just bad, but it had a chewy texture along with a slightly nasty taste. Maybe we just didn't find a good recipe for it?!
In other news, I am really tempted to purchase these earrings by jackdawpilate on etsy:
especially since rainy season is near...

And I really love this print (by amanda cherie) I found while blog-surfing.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

lovely weekend

So, I didn't want to take off of work AGAIN because I've asked off so much for grad school auditions and dance performances... so I didn't get to go to the Pilot festival this past weekend :( The trio had fun and did great, I hear!

I've also got baby fever lately. My friend Erin is due any day now (actually March 3... but I'm guessing sooner!), Rebecca from the dance company is pregnant as of January, and I just found out my friend from Recipe Club, Megan, is pregnant! Too much to handle... I'm so excited for everyone! It is a bit sad to think that if I go to grad school and have a baby after, I'll have a newborn while my friends' babies are 4 years old! Oh well, everyone has a time that works for them... I'll just have to be patient :)

Anywho, to keep my mind off of baby things, I've been surfing non-baby blogs and websites :) Here are some of my lovely recent finds:

via maryink on Etsy
fun for dance class
via moloco on Etsy
cute decoration or vday gift
via bellapuzzles on Etsy
some fun downtime!
via warmnfuzzies on Etsy
nice for our couch!?
via rbgcolor on Etsy
useful if we move :)
next two via Calypso St. Barth:
lovely for our beach vacation over memorial day (...if only they were cheaper)
I forgot to mention... my hubby gave me a groupon for a massage & facial for Valentine's Day and I used it on Saturday at Eden Salon & Spa... it was great!

Monday, February 14, 2011

happy valentine's day

Hope you are having a lovely day :)

I've been getting laundry done, paying bills, and taking a trip to the bank and Target. Fun stuff. I'm a little sad I don't get to spend all day at work for Valentine's Day- fun stuff with the kids plus it is teacher appreciation week so they probably provided lunch! I need the time to stay sane and get stuff done before my crazy evening.

I do wish Aust and I would get to see each other before 10:30 at night... but we had a fun, fun weekend! We went on a date night to the Melting Pot on Friday. Saturday we spent in Ponca City - it was my dad's 30th work anniversary party! (Wow- he's been working there longer than I've been alive!) Yesterday I had Perpetual Motion rehearsals- we had some great combos and finished the first song of a new piece... going swell!

Now for some lovely Valentine's Day inspirations:
And if it was slightly warmer outside (though it is a lovely 62 degrees out right now) I would be wearing this:
Or this:
Or maybe this:

What are your Valentine's Day plans!?

Sunday, February 6, 2011

lots on the brain

Lately I've not been myself. I'm just incredibly stressed with everything going on, all of the possible life-changes coming up this year, and being terribly busy (except the snow days last week!)... I can't concentrate too well and even things that I LOVE I'm having a hard time giving my full attention to. Lets hope this improves. Soon, please.

Well, to keep you posted on my new years resolutions, the past couple of weeks I tried beets and temple oranges (aka tangors).

Beets... not so much. I tried them plain and it felt like I was chewing on a moist, not so delightful plant. I also tried it in salad and that was tolerable, but not tasty.
I also tried the tangor (a temple orange). It is a hybrid of the typical sweet orange and the mandarin orange. It was delicious but it had lots and lots of seeds. I'll be eating this again!
Do you have any suggestions for tasty fruits or vegetables that are not so common? Or any recipes for them or the ones I've already tried?

My cats have started to expect a few drops of milk each evening. They LOVE it :) Maybe we should make some yummy treats for Ponce... similar to these 'pupcakes':
Well, it looks like there won't be any snow days this week... so I'd better go mentally and physically prepare myself for a 5-day work week... have a happy week!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

snow day #3: what I love about my home

Wow, 3 days off of work in a row!? Awesome! I've been on a roll getting stuff done... sleeping, blogging, things I've been wanting to get done for months but hadn't had time... !

Here are some lovely pics of our 3rd snow day (oh how I wish there was a 4th, but sadly I must return to work tomorrow...)
(Yes, Ponce is sharing Aust's vest with him...)
And now (drumroll, please...) for a special blog post:
what I love about my home
(prepare for lots and lots of photos...)

I love that so many of our things come from friends and relatives: my grandma's globe and vase, Aust's aunt's banquet, my grandparents candy dishes, plus our wedding sand/candles/dish/signed photo, and the curtains I made!
I love our cookbook collection... most of mine are about baking... but I like to try to cook other things (they just don't turn out as well as my baked goods!) My faves are probably the Martha Stewart baking handbook or the chocolate chip cookbook. And we can't leave out the glorious Recipe Club binder!
I do love my apron collection that compliments the baking... polka dots from my mother-in-law, paisley from my bro and sis-in-law, checkered from a recipe club friend, nautical from Recipe Club, and I bought the seahorse one :)
I love the curtains I made for 3 of our windows... this one especially :) And I love that our cats sit here to watch outside. We meant to use this as prep space... not so much when you find cat fur all over it!
I hated it when we first got our fridge and the front wasn't magnetic. But now I love that the front is sleek and I can post things on the sides... like dancers, or seahorses, or love notes, or conversion charts...
Or postcards, or family pictures, or to-do lists, or pictures from students...
I also didn't like this open cabinet when we moved in. But now I love it! I tried to put all of my sleek, special dishes in here... I used to forget to use them but now I don't when they're staring me in the face!
I love having my grandparent's piano. Its so nice to be able to play! I remember when they had it at their old home in Coffeyville :) I also love having a stack of important books and a delicious-smelling scentsy on top...
This is our travel box. We put all of our loose change in it nearly every day (or when I find Aust left some sitting around I throw it in here)... after several months I count it down and we've got $40 towards our next trip! It also contains flags and names of all the countries we'd like to visit.
I love my seahorse hooks I got for $5 from Anthro... if you are super patient and no one else likes it then it will get cheaper :) We keep our keys and cute package ties on it.
Just ask anyone who knows me really well and they will tell you I'm a bit ridiculous when it comes to magazines. I love surfing the web, but after a while it hurts my eyeballs. Paper form is good. Though it does make me feel bad about all of the trees. I recycle. But maybe I should reduce to only 2 or 3 favorite subscriptions!? What should I choose? (Don't worry, not all of those magazines are separate subscriptions!)
I love our where-we've-been map. It's HUGE which is cool, and we have it color coded. Purple: Austin, green: Leslie, clear: we've been there together!
I love this glasswork we got on our honeymoon. It was seriously only like $6 and I think it is absolutely gorgeous with a candle lit behind it. I really like tree stuff. Check out this...
I really enjoy this nook. It would be nice to put a tiny reading lamp here, but there isn't an outlet. It works for a cat perch, candle post, or a place for Aust to sit and talk to me while I'm in the shower.
Sometimes its good to not have curtains. I almost made some for all the windows, but I love natural lighting. I love if there is enough sunlight/snowlight that I don't have to turn on any lights!
I enjoy the ballet-theme I started with this room. I don't know if I'll do a lot more since we may move in less than a year... but I do need to buy/make/find a frame for that poster...
I love that Zoe loves to sleep on our pillows (even at night) :) She only likes the satin ones, though... miss fancy pants! I also love this journal collection. I've got every single day recorded since October 30, 1998...!
I know this is odd, but I love that there is pet hair on everything. All the time. No matter what. The day after we vacuum... pet hair. Everywhere. I've gotten used to it. I know they're well fed when they get so fluffy they shed a pound of hair per day.
I love collecting small things from our travels. OJ can from France, cowbell bank from Switzerland... it holds all of our extra foreign coins/cash!
Along with that note... I love Aust's elephant collection. He started it but now I notice elephants where ever we are. Each one is from a unique place: Santorini, Mexico, India...
The elephant collection continues...
And I do love my seahorses. I don't know how it got started. They're just so stinkin' interesting! Did you know the males carry the babies? And many species are monogamous!?
My mom & dad gave us this for our 2nd wedding anniversary: a Galilean thermometer! It rarely changes since we keep our house so cold... but its cool to watch when it does change :)
I love our calendars... a family calendar... a honeymoon calendar... and this monthly postcard calendar (they tear off and you can send the pictures!). Each month just passes infinitely too quickly...

What do you love about your home?
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