Monday, January 31, 2011

anthro dreams-come-true

So it is a little late to be posting this, but I must. For Christmas I received several Anthropologie gift cards from my husband and family members that know me well :) And after Christmas they happened to be having an extra 25% off sale... thats right...

So here are the goods I got:

^ fun gift tags ^
^ dishtowel for 'butterfly class' teacher ^
^ lace earrings ^
^ simple black dress ^
^ pillow that perfectly matches our duvet ^
^ lemonade serving bowl which I use for bananas ^
^ pretty pretty soap dish ^
^ stone earrings ^

I just realized how much I got out of those gift cards... thanks, guys!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

black swan swooning

I loved the movie Black Swan... and I love these photos related to Black Swan:
(via here)

01. Natalie Portman via Vogue 02. costume designs 03. retro movie poster via tumblr

Friday, January 28, 2011

dance it off

I have been insanely busy lately... I traveled to Columbus to visit Ohio State and audition. I loved the school and the tow, but I'll have to wait a few weeks to hear any results. I need to know!

I also performed with Perpetual Motion in a concert tour in Chickasha (random, I know)... it was a ton of fun and they had a very cool backstage with spiral staircases, full kitchen and laundry, and lots of dressing rooms!

I've been stressing out about getting everything done... done well and on time, that is. I think that is one of the reasons I like dance, because I'm finally able to fully immerse myself in the dance and just enjoy it both when we're rehearsing and performing. It is fun and it feels good... It is a nice de-stresser.

We had a photo shoot on the 15th and we've only got a handful of the pictures back (I'm still waiting on the trampoline pics!). Here is a preview!

All photography by the talented Gary Thomas Photography.

Kim & Stephanie






Sunday, January 16, 2011

new year, new fruit

So I have tried a new fruit for the 1st two weeks of the year:

red pears & mangos

Ok, so they aren't too adventurous because I've had many mango flavored things and I've had green pears, but I'm glad I tried them both.

red pears: more apple-ish than green pears, yum!
mangos: more sour than expected, possibly because this kind is out of season right now. Still very tasty, but difficult to separate from the huge pit!

Coming this week: the beet.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

january update

Its beginning to look a lot like winter… finally! Today was our first snow day, though it wasn't much and it didn't stick. Hopefully I'll get to see lots of snow in New York & Ohio (but not so much that my flights get delayed or cancelled!)…

My head is going crazy right now. I've got too much on my plate, and like always it is all my own fault. I am excited for all of the things the beginning of this year will bring, but boy I can't wait for it to be over. I want to know where I'll be living in the fall, if I'll be going to grad school, where Austin will be working, and I can't wait to make myself less busy. I've actually calculated the hours I'm booked each week and I've vowed to myself to never book that many hours again :)

As of now… this is where I'd like to be (notice the seahorses):
But until life calms down a bit, I'm going to keep working on my resolutions.
So far so good:
Fewer sweets (except when my student, George, brought cookie cake to school)
Less procrastinating (gotta get these grad applications in!)
More loving (I snuzzled and napped with the pets for an hour today)

How's your new year going?

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

upcoming events

I am very excited about all of the things going on this spring:

. January trip to Columbus to audition at Ohio State
. January Perpetual Motion dance concert (25th if you'd like to come!)
. February trip to Denton to audition at Texas Woman's
. March trip to Fresno, California with Perpetual Motion to perform in Rogue with the Fresno Dance Collective (see flyer below!)
. March trip to Rochester to audition at SUNY Brockport
. Austin's college graduation on May 6th, 2011!

I should have some major frequent flyer miles after this spring!

Monday, January 3, 2011

New years resolutions... to keep!

What a perfect 100th blog post! As a reward to myself, for sticking with blogging, I'm going to stick to my New Years Resolutions.

So here it is... my list of resolutions for 2011. I almost did not want to tell anyone about them except maybe my husband and my mom, but I was reading about resolutions and they all say to tell people so that you have some sort of accountability. So feel free to ask how I'm doing... hopefully they last longer than a month this year!
(I got much of my inspiration from one of my top 3 favorite magazines: Whole Living)

Long-term Living:
01. Exercise daily
02. Try our new weekly finance plan (cut back impulse purchases )
03. Lose the 6 pounds I gained after my college graduation, and then be proud of it
04. Gain control of my crazy sugar cravings. That alone will make me a whole lot healthier... and I'll probably lose 6 pounds from it :)
05. Don't be so obsessive compulsive about having things in their place. This should save me about an hour a day for more fun things...

Year-long Goals:
01. Read top 10 books on my to-read list
02. Finish crocheting a blanket
03. Make a pet pillow (already bought fabric and stuffing!)
04. Try a new fruit or veggie each week... yum
05. Complete wedding planner certification and Oklahoma teaching certification

If I fail at all else, still do this:
**Be less busy. Do not be a workaholic. Take time to relax. Sleep more. Enjoy snuzzle time with the pets and hubby. Doing nothing is not a waste of time!**

Anything I should add? Any suggestions or tips for completing these? Advice is always welcome :)

Sunday, January 2, 2011

More Christmas Happenings...

So I decided to share some of my wonderful gifts I received for Christmas. I have some very thoughtful family members... they know what I like :)

Aust gave me a pretty top from Anthro:
He also gave me a beautiful ring covered in x's and o's:
But it was a tad loose on my finger, so we exchanged it for this one in my size:

My parents gave me this:
And this lovely lululemon hoodie (which I am wearing tomorrow):
And there were other wonderful gifts given & received!

I had to get Austin a mitten-ice scraper :) He usually scrapes all the ice off of our cars in the winter time.
I also gave him the supermario brothers for wii, a multi-purpose radio/usb port/flashlight, purple socks, a fountain pen (which he is very proud of), and a wheatgrass growing kit. He likes very eclectic things ... as do I, I suppose!

We are pretty spoiled to have so many nice things. I mean, Ponce even got a wonderful "ruff wear" coat:
Thanks for all of the wonderful gifts, fam!

Can anyone tell me how to resize photos for my blog? I just realized these are varying sizes, but I'm not terribly computer-savvy...

Stay tuned for a New Years update. My resolutions start tomorrow, Jan. 3rd! I hope you had a happy holiday.

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