Monday, December 20, 2010

Cozy Up...

I love having free time to spend relaxing with my pooch by the Christmas tree. I'm so excited it is nearly Christmas… 4 1/2 days off of work and 2 weeks off of teaching and rehearsals. This will be much needed :)

Austin didn't have to work today, so since I had to work my normal 8 hours, he got everything done for the day:

. Cleaned the shower
. Dropped off dry-cleaning
. Made vet appointments
. Washed sheets and towels
. Took out all trash/recycling
. Grocery shopping

PLUS he pampered me when I got off work with fresh hot cider. Yum.
Plus, so far he has all A's from this semester! He is pretty great.

Winter Cider
(add ingredients to taste)
100% pure pressed apple juice
cinnamon sticks
orange slices
ground nutmeg
ground cinnamon
whole cloves

I really need to blog every day… I have so many things to update you on! Like the delicious peanut butter chocolate chip cookies I made, visiting Ponca for Aust's mom's birthday, exchanging Christmas gifts with Aust, grad school auditions, events with good friends, holiday happenings at work… oh goodness I'm behind!

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  1. I'm just lucky to have such a hard-working wife!


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