Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fall Break!

Today is the beginning of my (sort of) Fall Break. I didn't have to teach my 3 dance classes tonight, so Austin and I went to Deep Fork Grill... DELICIOUS!

And tomorrow I'll most likely get off work early... to go on a mother-daughter trip to Tulsa! The only definite stops are Anthropologie, Kokoa, and a concert!

By the way, yesterday (on my day off) Austin & I visited Green Goodies by Tiffany... organic and vegan cupcakes. They were amazing. You must go. I know $3.25/cupcake is ridiculous... but I don't really care when it tastes that good :)

Oh, and check out this neat blog I stumbled upon!

Now I'm off to do some P90X yoga... considering all of this delicious cupcake & chocolate eating going on :)

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