Sunday, September 12, 2010

Rain, Rain, Go Away...

Wow! Lots of rain lately... I am ready for snow :) I love winter and the holidays! I do wish it would stop raining so I could take my dog out to play- he gets a little bored having to stay in :( Ponce LOVES playing ball, but I think I may get him one of these new toys from Martha Stewart's new pet line (I can't say I'm a huge fan of the lady... but I do love her stuff!):

Ponce gets pretty excited when he plays... but I'm not sure he looks this crazy, lol:

Anyway, I had some crazy rehearsals the past 3 days for an Afro-Cuban dance work about Yemaya. I love the dance and can't wait to perform it in November at our Perpetual Motion concert!

And I will leave you with two of my favorite web shopping finds:

(Etsy by Sew Sweet Stitches, $28)

(Free People, $188... ya right...)

01. PetSmart 02. Facebook 03. Crafty's Cuppa Coffee 04. Etsy 05. Free People

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  1. I have a addiction to products with owls printed on them, and while surfing the interwebs I found something you might like!


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