Saturday, September 4, 2010

3 Day Weekend...

Yay for Labor Day- no work plus pay :D

So far this weekend I have:
01. gone on a date at Zorba's with Aust
(lentil stew dinner is delicious)
02. spent too much at Hobby Lobby
03. walked the dog
04. slept in
05. watched some Stargate Atlantis
06. visited the zoo (for free!)

The rest of my weekend plans are:
01. sleep in
02. attend dance rehearsal
03. fix some clothing
04. play with the pets
05. prioritize grad school choices
06. watch a movie
07. bake something
08. see my parents & Aust's mom
09. do laundry
10. clean (... maybe ...)

I hope you enjoy your Labor Day! And if you are like my mother-in-law and you have to work, I hope you get paid a lot extra!

Now to work on number 5 on my list...
01. Dane Shitagi 02. LolaDancewear


  1. I so miss having a Hobby Lobby! I hope you have a great weekend!


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