Saturday, June 5, 2010

Oh the joys of moving...

That was a sarcastic post title. It is most certainly not a joyous occasion to move. I am extremely excited for how nice the place will be once we get unpacked, but the actual act of moving was torture. Especially since it was like 85-90 degrees out. Plus the house isn't quite complete (cabinet doors missing, lights not finished, etc). Here are some of the great things about it:

01. Large backyard for Ponce
02. 3 bedrooms = master, guest + office (we don't have to cram the guest bed, office desk, and Ponce's cage into one room!)
03. Hard wood floors
04. New appliances
05. Close to work (only 10 minutes from Westminster and 5 minutes from the studio!)
06. Its actually in OKC- new things to do & places to visit
07. We don't split a house with noisy neighbors
08. Large utility room

I would post pictures but my camera hasn't been unpacked. Those will come soon!

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