Friday, June 11, 2010

6 Years of Love

So today-- June 11th, 2010-- marks exactly 6 years of being together with Austin. 6 wonderful years it has been. We have been through so much together… for over a quarter of our lives! Some highlights of our relationship: being in marching band, going to the park in Ponca, attending college and moving to Edmond together, building a family of pets, traveling together (colorado, dallas, kansas city, mexico, greece), getting married, honeymooning, building a home together, and building our life together. So many things are they way they are simply because we happened to decide to go to the Christmas Dance together December 18, 2003. Wow! Now here are some photos of our over 6 years of being best friends:

Our first date 12-18-03 (ages 17 & 18)
Started dating 2004
My senior prom 2005
My high school graduation 2005
College at UCO 2006
In Mexico 2007
Halloween ('serial killer') 2008
In Estes Park, CO (2007, I think)
At my brother's wedding 2008
Our wedding 8-8-08
In Athens, Greece honeymooning 2008
In Oia, Santorini, Greece honeymooning 2008
In Mexico New Years 08-09
Our first anniversary spent in Estes Park 2009
Our 2nd married Christmas 2009

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  1. so cute : ) congrats to you and austin! love the timeline!


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