Monday, June 28, 2010

Holiday Happenings

The 4th of July is coming up! I thought I would post some fun craft & recipe ideas (all from Martha Stewart) for the holiday. Unfortunately, I probably will not make any this year because I will be vacationing in Colorado with my family! But I've done some before and I plan to do some of these in the future :) Great ideas! Enjoy the fireworks!

That last one is my personal favorite. For recipes visit!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Kids, Kids, Kids

I suppose maybe my kid-oriented job has recently made me take more notice of kid-related things. Here are some super cute prints & pillows intended for kids... but I don't see why you would have to be a kid to enjoy any of these!

Charlotta Ward
Robin & Mould

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Playing Catch Up...

I've been busy and hadn't had time to blog lately :( But I am here! Austin and I are almost completely unpacked. Yay! Our dog loves the backyard, I'm liking being close to work, and I am excited to make some curtains for the dining room and kitchen! Just bought fabric today :) Other than working and unpacking I've just taught a few dance classes and got minimal sleep. To "catch up" from my blog absent-ness, I'll post LOTS of inspiring & summery pictures for you to enjoy:

(Photo: Dane Shitagi)
(Leotard: Lola Stretch)
(OJ: unknown)
(Teacups: unknown)
(Cupcakes: unknown)
(Cookies: Williams-Sonoma)
(Perfume: Antica Farmacista)
(Seahorse photo: MadeByGirl Blog)
(Potting Shed: unknown)
(Yakima Valley Apple Blossom: unknown)
(Straw Hat Loveliness: unknown)
(Dress: Swell)
(Dress: Wikstenmade)
(Outfit: Urban Outfitters)
(Dress: Zac Posen)
(Bowties: Xoelle)
(Art: Z Gallerie)

Friday, June 18, 2010

Summer Stress

Oh Goodness…

So many stresses this week… and I thought I was going to have some summer fun with my lightened work schedule! Maybe some day there will be less stress. Between financial issues, house issues, back issues, and a few personal issues- it has been too much to handle!

But I am determined to be happy. Aust and I are trying our best to find positive situations- though many times they seem to be easily trampled on by either karma or fate (not sure which). For example: we had been planning for a couple weeks to go to the zoo today when we both got off work… FUN, right!? Only to find out they closed at 5pm (I wasn't off of work until 4pm) :( For some reason I thought they were open until sundown! We'll just have to reschedule for a Saturday.

Austin made a good move- he is becoming a Big Brother! He is pretty excited about it. I think he will make a great dad whenever we are ready for that BIG step in our lives.

I had some of the best ice cream I've ever had tonight. It was Scoops Treatery on Penn & Memorial in OKC. I had a coupon to buy one get one free, so we decided to treat ourselves to that since we didn't get to visit the zoo. It was a nice alternative :)

The house is slowly coming together. Very slowly. I am determined to finish unpacking and putting things in their place by next week. I need to enjoy my evenings rather than having to organize and sort everything. Although a friend came to visit and described the look as "Country Cottage"… I was shocked. Seriously!? I'll post pics as soon as I have time to find the proper hookups and you can tell me what you think. I think my decorating style is more closely related to the "Random Crap" style. But I do enjoy our random crap (such as an elephant collection of Aust's and a Seahorse fetish of mine) even if it isn't aesthetically perfect.

Let me finish by saying how much I can not wait for our Estes Park, Colorado vacation in July! It is much needed for both of us. We will be going with my parents and my brother & sister-in-law. It will be glorious, I have no doubt.

Photo by Todd Egan

Friday, June 11, 2010

6 Years of Love

So today-- June 11th, 2010-- marks exactly 6 years of being together with Austin. 6 wonderful years it has been. We have been through so much together… for over a quarter of our lives! Some highlights of our relationship: being in marching band, going to the park in Ponca, attending college and moving to Edmond together, building a family of pets, traveling together (colorado, dallas, kansas city, mexico, greece), getting married, honeymooning, building a home together, and building our life together. So many things are they way they are simply because we happened to decide to go to the Christmas Dance together December 18, 2003. Wow! Now here are some photos of our over 6 years of being best friends:

Our first date 12-18-03 (ages 17 & 18)
Started dating 2004
My senior prom 2005
My high school graduation 2005
College at UCO 2006
In Mexico 2007
Halloween ('serial killer') 2008
In Estes Park, CO (2007, I think)
At my brother's wedding 2008
Our wedding 8-8-08
In Athens, Greece honeymooning 2008
In Oia, Santorini, Greece honeymooning 2008
In Mexico New Years 08-09
Our first anniversary spent in Estes Park 2009
Our 2nd married Christmas 2009

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Oh the joys of moving...

That was a sarcastic post title. It is most certainly not a joyous occasion to move. I am extremely excited for how nice the place will be once we get unpacked, but the actual act of moving was torture. Especially since it was like 85-90 degrees out. Plus the house isn't quite complete (cabinet doors missing, lights not finished, etc). Here are some of the great things about it:

01. Large backyard for Ponce
02. 3 bedrooms = master, guest + office (we don't have to cram the guest bed, office desk, and Ponce's cage into one room!)
03. Hard wood floors
04. New appliances
05. Close to work (only 10 minutes from Westminster and 5 minutes from the studio!)
06. Its actually in OKC- new things to do & places to visit
07. We don't split a house with noisy neighbors
08. Large utility room

I would post pictures but my camera hasn't been unpacked. Those will come soon!

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