Tuesday, April 27, 2010


So yesterday's Scentsy party wasn't quite as swell as I'd hoped. In fact it was MUCH less swell than I'd hoped: we had not a single guest. I felt horrible for Kayla who had driven quite a ways and spent time putting together things for the party. I also was sad for myself because I'd baked over a dozen cupcakes and made punch... plus I felt a little friend-less considering I invited like 30 people! Ho-hum, thats the way life is I suppose.

On a happier note, I made the most delicious beef crescent loaf tonight. Here is the recipe:
00. Preheat oven to 375 degrees
01. Brown 1 lb. ground beef in a skillet & drain
02. Stir in 1 can of condensed cheddar cheese soup
03. Add 1/4 cup green peppers & 1/4 cup chopped onions
04. Add a few squirts of Worchestershire sauce
05. Add salt & pepper
06. Roll out an 8-oz can of pillsbury crescent rolls on a greased baking sheet
07. Smush together all of the perforations
08. Put 3/4 of the beef mixture in the middle of the dough going lengthwise
09. Fold sides of dough up over the beef to nearly meet in the middle
10. Bake around 17 min. until light browned
11. Spoon remaining beef mixture over loaf and sprinkle with shredded cheddar cheese
12. Bake nearly 10 minutes until browned.

Now a lovely photo to leave this post ... found while sifting through blogs today

(Cedric Behr)

Monday, April 26, 2010

Scentific Monday

Today (in about 30 minutes) I am hosting a Scentsy party for my friend Kayla! It smells really good in my house right now :) I made cupcakes and punch so I hope people show up! Although the way my conversations with friends have gone don't look too positive. Sometimes I wish I had like 2 or 3 awesome spectacular friends rather than like 10 nice friends. Maybe I should just put myself out there to go above-and-beyond for those friends that I think could earn the top couple spots :) I think I need some pomegranate ice right about now...

Anyway, isn't this cute!? This was on Gilt Groupe today- sometimes I just like looking even if I have no intention of purchasing. Austin doesn't understand, but thats ok... he doesn't need to :)

(By Designer's Guild)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

WEdiNG boNAnzA!

Last night was my great friend Megan's wedding! They are currently off for a lovely cruising honeymoon in the Caribbean :) Here are some highlights of the evening:

Alex, Austin & Michael
Kallee, myself, Erin & Tracy

The bride was busy busy that night, so we couldn't get a group photo, but here is one from RC with the new apron we gave Megan for her wedding :)

And here are some highlights from Velocity (Perpetual Motion's spring concert that was a few weeks ago)!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Best News All Month...

Tulsa, Oklahoma is receiving an Anthropologie store! Austin used to think I was a bit obsessed when I would send emails to Anthropologie suggesting a store in Oklahoma- he claimed it was useless. Well I'd like to think not :) I forsee many trips to Tulsa- good for me (maybe not so much for the bank account)...

Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Belated Easter!

I had a wonderful Easter with friends and relatives yesterday. My favorite part of the day was actually learning how to use an Atlatl that my aunt owns. Pretty interesting! We also had a wonderful cookout with homemade ice cream and hot fudge. It sure feels like spring now :)

Tonight is Recipe Club! I am making Basil Parmesan Puffs that I have never actually made before. If it goes over well I'll have to post the recipe :)

A week ago I worked my first paid wedding coordinating gig in OKC! It went over well (I think) and it was a lot of fun. I also learned some things so I can do even better for the next wedding in June. I really wish there was a way to pick up business without spending a ton of money... if you have any ideas please feel free to let me know...

Austin and I recently ordered this duvet cover from West Elm. I love it! It hasn't come in yet but I'm very excited about it... almost as excited as I am to be getting rid of the hideous comforter that currently resides in the guest room/office :)

This is a very cool book decor idea- I honestly have no recollection of where I found this...

And lately I've been thinking about windows and how much I LOVE natural lighting. In a home I someday own big, open windows will be a must. Here are a few lovely ideas...

And last but not least... my second professional dance concert performance is coming up! It is this Fri & Sat (April 9 & 10) at 8pm and there is also a matinee at 2pm Saturday. Please come! In my opinion, it is better than the fall concert :)

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