Sunday, October 18, 2009

Falling Behind...

Things have been so busy lately! Work, Dance, Weddings, & Birthdays (my dad's is today and our dog's 1st birthday was the 13th). I need to load all of my pictures on here so I will have an update full of life pictures soon. I will have to set up the new software because Austin & his family got me a Nikon camera for my birthday (early)! I've been going crazy taking pictures of the pets and other objects. I read part of the instruction manual but parts of it are a little over my head... but I'll get it figured out! For now, I will leave you with some images of my dream home...
Elle Decor ^
Bertoia ^
Source Unknown^
Source unknown ^
Attila Design ^

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Relaxing Day...

Tuesdays are a great day for me. I only work at one job and I don't have dance company rehearsal! The number of hours I work on Tuesdays varies- sometimes 8 hours, sometimes 6, but today it is only 4! My day consisted of:

Taking Dan to the vet- he has lost 1 pound (he was almost overweight last year) and is healthy!
Reading a new issue of "The Nest" magazine,
Depositing my first dance performance pay check at the bank,
Taking Ponce (the dog) on a walk/jog,
Making a delicious salad for lunch,
Talking to Austin about religion,
Completing 3 assignments of my wedding planning course,
and taking pictures of my new ceramic seahorse pieces my mom got me at an OctoberFest which I'm going to hang in the bathroom at some point (and eventually post the pictures here).

Now I am off to make a little bit of money to pay for the vet bill- maybe I'll play some piano when I get off of work tonight! I will leave you with today's Anthropologie obsession:

The Painted Desert cardigan by Partimi available at this address. And it is on sale now, but sadly sold out of my size :( Maybe that is for the better...

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