Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Off to NY

Tomorrow (at 5:30am) I am headed off to New York City with my mom. For my college graduation my parents gave me tickets to NYC since I've always wanted to go there to dance, watch dance, sight-see, and shop. I am pretty excited and also a little nervous... it is going to be so different than anything here!

On an exciting note, Austin was able to get reimbursed (except for $100 of it) for buying an Apple laptop through a scholarship group he is a member of. Apple just happened to be running a student special and so we received a free iPod Touch and a free printer. Sounds too good to be true, but it is!

Last weekend we headed to Fort Worth, TX to attend a good friend's wedding. It was a wonderful wedding! I got some more ideas for my business while there. I did miss my pets quite a bit, though, and I am going to miss them for even longer while gone to NYC. Here are some good pics of my lovely pets:

Zoe, the newest addition to the family.
Dan cleaning Ponce after a nap.
Ponce being Ponce.
All filthy after swimming for the first time with our friend Kallee's dog, Pace, at the dogpark.
Loving brothers!!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Lovely Findings

I have found some quite wonderful things while wandering internet blogs lately. This is a little addictive... ought oh...
A dreamy living area. Decorology.
'Glamour Dogs' the book. Very glamourous, indeed :) By Catherine Ledner.
A paper wreath. Love it! Found via Hello Lucky! From Etsy.
A Thomas Paul seahorse plate.
A wonderful CD & case. Ffffound.

Kind of eclectic. But that is okay with me.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

feeling blue.

Lately I have been a bit depressed:
I can't get enough hours at my evening job,
Some of the dance classes I teach were cancelled due to low summer enrollment,
Austin's job was eliminated with no notice since they aren't too busy after tax season,
and I'm having no luck finding a daytime job.
I have applied for at least 15 jobs, but they all require evening work and I can't give up my dance-teaching (although I may have to if nothing turns up...).
Hopefully some better luck will turn up for us soon.
On a much more interesting note, I am looking into grad schools to consider for the fall of 2010. I would love to get a Masters in Choreography or Dance Therapy, if we choose to move out of Oklahoma and incur some major debt :) . Laban looks quite good- and I would love to live in the UK. I guess we'll wait and see. Although I can't believe this year is close to half over!
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